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Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Since 1997

About Us

We are the Shumway family, our farm is located in the beautiful high desert area of Black Rock Canyon which is about an hour south west of Salt Lake City, Utah. We started Shipping in Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in 1997 from some wonderful dairy herds around the country.

Our Goats are well cared for and loved, therefore in return provide us with sweet creamy goats milk for us to use and make wonderful goat milk soap. We have tested our goats for years and maintain a clean herd. We belong to AGS, ADGA and NDGA.

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Shelley Shumway

What our customers are saying about our goat milk soap

"This type of soap works really well on my face compared to the other brands in the store!"
Jessica Harmon
"Best soap ever. Great customer service!"

Kayla Beck
"Creamery Creek Farm makes great quality chemical free soap!"

Matthew Roberts