Sweeter Than Honey Milk Toast

Toast Born  3/02/2022 Cou Clair swiss marked combo.  What a handsome boy he is!!  Excited to have this guy here.

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Brave Elk   –Sires Sire: OMF Swift Elk    Sires Dam:  OMF SG Elke

Dam: Kaya Toast   Dams Sire: OMF Brovo Quinn  —- Dams  Dam:  French Toast

Old Mountain Farm Leopardgrass

Leopard is a beautiful boy with a great pedigree . Gold with chocolate moon spots  very excited to have him here!

Sire: OMF  Brovo Quinn— Sires sire: SG OMF Maenar Quinn–   Sires Dam :   SG OMF TA-Dah!

Dam:  OMF Love Grass  —–   Dams Sire: OMF Darius Quinn—-   Dam’s Dam :   OMF Quinoa

Sweeter than Honey Lady Killer

Sire:  Old Mountain Farm Killer Whale–   Sires Sire: OMF Grey Cheek–  Sires Dam:  SG NC  Promisedland Nemesis

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Amalia Quinn—  Dam’s Sire: OMF Sayomis      Dam’s Dam:   SG OMF Katja Quinn



Creamery Creek ZG Leo Moon

Leo is a long  bodied nice boy , his mother Sugar Moon Starlight is a top milk producer for me with long plum teats, Combined with the OMF Lucienne line I just had to keep him on the farm born Jan. 2022   Solid black with a few chocolate moon spots.

SIRE: CC Ziggy —–    Sires Sire: OMF B+ Bravo Quin  —-    Sires Dam  : SG 2 *M OMF TA-DAH

Dam : OMF SG 5*M  Lucienne ———–Dams Sire: OMF Mithra   —-Dams Dam:   SG OMF MG 4*M FRENCHY

Old Mountain Farm Majik Trick

Wonderful Top line on this great looking Guy.  Co- Owned with Onaqui Farm