Creamery Creek Feta Owl

Feta is a lovely long bodied doe with beautiful coloring.  Nice long easy to milk teats, with a nice udder.

Sire: Onaqui  DQ Elk Train —  Sire’s Sire:  OMF Damon Quinn — Sire’s Dam:  Onaqui  BH Sweet Elk

Dam: Creamery Creek BZ Spotted Owl — Dam’s Dam: Proctor Hill Hootie Owl —  Dam’s Sire  Promisedland MS Black Zumba

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Creamery ET Creek Yezzi Moon

Yezzi is a yearling Doe that is up for sale she has long easy to milk teats and is on milk test   she is light chocolate with moon spots.

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Creamery Creek Red Venus

DOB: 3-17-2020  Red

Venus is the daughter of one of my top milker’s Sugar Moon Starlight.  I am looking forward in seeing how she matures . She is on milk test hope to earn a star.

Sire: Hidden Hills Big Sur     Sires Sire: Castle Rock Hot Saracha  *B     Sire’s Dam Hidden Hill Butterfly Kisses

Dam: SG 5M AR Sugar Moon F Starlight    Dam’s Dam: SG Sugar Moon Zuzanna     Dam’s Sire: Sugar Moon O Ferrero * B


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Creamery Creek Drops o Jupiter

DOB: 1-3-2020  Black

This pretty Doe Freshened with a nice first freshener  udder!  Long easy to milk teats great expression. She is lovely all the way around.

Sire: Camanna JGH Penstemon    Sire’s Sire:  Camanna Jonquil Gold Heart    Sire’s Dam:  Old Mountain farm Brown I Dsuzn

Dam: Creamery Creek BB Wood Owl     Dam’s Dam: CC  BZ Spotted Owl   Dams Sire:  Creamery Creek TS Be Be King


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Creamery Creek SWG Flamingo

DOB: 2-17-2020  Chocolate Swiss

This beautiful petite Doe comes from one of my favorite older does Be Be Cream . She has wonderful first freshener udder with longer teats. She is easy to milk nice smooth fore udder and great milk production  she is on milk test on her way to get a milk star.


Dam: Deb’s Whisperwood Be Be Cream       Dams Dam  MI Sugar Creek FR Wanda

Sire: Creamery Creek ET Swagger         Sire’s sire Onaqui Elk Train

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Creamery Creek Plum Perfect

DOB: 1-21-2020  Chocolate

When I name this darling Doe Plum Perfect I had no idea how perfect her udder was going to be! What a dream to milk for a first freshener, all I can say is WOW!!  Plum is on milk test on track for a milk star.


Dam: Creamery Creek Pashmina

Dams Dam: Dill’s BH Daly Birdee

Sire: Creamery Creek ET Swagger

Sires: sire Onaqui DQ Elk Train


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Creamery Creek TS Francesca

DOB: 1-1-2018  Gold


Dam: Old Mountain Farm Lucienne

Sire: Creamery Creek Tuscan Sun

Francesca is very similar to her mother in coloring and body type. She has a beautiful lovely udder and great milk production .  So glad to have one of the few daughters of Lucienne. On track for milk star.

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Creamery Creek BB Winter Owl

Sire. Creamery Creek TS Be Be King
Sires. Sire. Creamery Creek Tuscun Sun
Sires Dam. Deb’s Whisperwoods Be Be Cream

Dam. Creamery Creek TS Ambrosia Owl
Dams Sire. Creamery Creek Tuscun Sun
Dams Dam. Creamery Creek BZ Spotted Owl


This cute little sweetheart has a wonderful udder longer teat size makes her a dream to milk !!


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5*M AR SG Sugar Moon F Starlight Elite Doe

DOB: 5-1-2016  Black with Moon Spots

Sire. *B Sugar Moon O Ferrero
Sires Sire. +*B NC Promisedland RC Odyssey
Sires Dam. 3*M AR Sugar Moon Nut-Ella

Dam. SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna
Dams Sire. *B Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas
Dams Dam. 3*M AR SG NC Promisedland Sia Zena

This Beautiful deep bodied doe can really put down the milk . She has earned her SG and AR milk star on milk test this year.


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5*M AR SG Old Mountain Farm Lucienne 5*D VEEE91 Elite Doe

DOB: 3-5-2010  Gold

sire. +B AR Old Mountain Farm Mithra
dam. SG 4*M AR NC Promisedland MG Frenchy

Sire’s Sire. Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur
Sires Dam. AGS Roundabout Persian Princess

Dam’s Sire. SG ++B AGS Promisedland S Mel Gibson
Dams Dam. 3*M AR AGS Promisedland LD Kiss This

Passed Away


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1*M AR Creamery Creek Vespa VVV+85

DOB: 1-12-2015  Black White swiss

Vespa is a lovely black and white Swiss marked doe with a beautiful head. She is a very wide and long bodied doe. She has a beautiful udder with large easy to milk teats. She has great expression and production. My favorite doe to milk!!


Sire. Creamery Creek BZ Black Hawk
Sires Sire NC PromiseLand MS Black Zumba
Sires Dam. Dills BH Daly Birdee 2*D

Dam. Creamery Creek BZ Claire Moon
Dams Sire. NC PromiseLand MS Black Zumba
Dams Dam. Old Mountain Farm Lucienne

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JAN 2021

1*M AR Creamery Creek Pashmina 3*D VVEE90

DOB:3-11-2011  Black White Spotted

Pashmina is a lovely refined doe, with pliable skin, long milk-able teats, a smooth fore udder and well attached rear udder. She is a beautiful doe with very striking black/white spots!! Very nice and well mannered on the milk stand.

DAM Dill’s BH Daly Birdee
SIRE Old Mountain Farm Vinalhaven *S

Dams Mother Promisedland CP Datz NoNo * D
Dams Father Promisedland CP Bounty Hunter

Sires Mother Bombahook Acres FI Baily 2*D AR2375
Sires Father Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip * S

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January 2021
Buck: Amethyst Z Giulianni

1*M AR Deb’s Whisperwood Be Be Cream VEEE90

DOB: 5-25-2012  Broken Buckskin with White

Be Be is a beautiful, long bodied and graceful doe. She is a wonderful milker with an amazing udder that is a dream to milk!! Great on the milk stand. We are are so lucky to have Be Be here!!

Sire Shere County T Bushwacker
Dam Sugar Creek FR Wanda

Sires Sire Heidi’s Mini Acres Tracker
Sires Dam Dill’s TG Willow

Dams Sire Caesars Villa FZ First Rate +*S
Dams Dam WGF Sally *D AR 1532

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